Gesture Control of Spatialization

This project was sponsored by both the Canadian Council for the Arts and the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada. The overall goal was to produce a system for gesture controlled spatialization of sound which can be used in concert performances. As part of this there were 3 main research work packages and one musical work package. The work packages were:

  • WP1: Development of a 3-dimensional sound spatialization system
  • WP2: Design of novel methods for gesture controlled sound spatialization
  • WP3: Research into the perception of sound spacialization
  • WP4: Compositional uses of gesture-controlled sound spatialization

I was part of work package 2, along with Marcelo M. Wanderley and Joe Malloch.

Specifically, my involvement in the project consisted of:

  • Examination of existing controllers for use with spatialization
  • Development of a framework for general control of spatial audio
  • Design and development of novel controllers for spatialization



More information is available from the gesture-controlled spatialisation web page on the IDMIL website.