An authoring environment for smart objects in museums : the meSch approach (bibtex)
@incollection{shu13747, month = {June}, author = {Martin Risseeuw and Dario Cavada and Elena Not and Massimo Zancanaro and Mark Marshall and Daniela Petrelli and Thomas Kubitza}, note = {ISSN 1613-0073}, booktitle = {Smart Ecosystems cReation by Visual dEsign 2016}, editor = {Carmelo Ardito and Andrea Bellucci and Giuseppe Desolda and Monica Divitini and Simone Mora}, title = {An authoring environment for smart objects in museums : the meSch approach}, publisher = {CEUR-WS}, year = {2016}, pages = {25--30}, url = {}, abstract = {The meSch project addresses the challenges of creating a personally meaningful, sensorily rich, and socially expanded museum visitor experience through tangible and embodied interaction with digital content. It is of paramount importance that cultural heritage professionals are directly involved in the design of those experiences. The meSch approach is to empower cultural heritage professionals with tools that guide them through a do-it-yourself process of creating or adapting digitally augmented experiences for their own museum spaces, therefore reducing the barriers of introducing Internet of Things technology in cultural heritage spaces.} }
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